Stitch Therapy Supply List



Fabric - any kind of fabric will work. I like to use cotton muslin and scraps from other projects

Embroidery Thread - embroidery thread / floss comes in various thicknesses as well as multiple strands, which can be separated in order to use 1 strand alone or up to 6 strands together.

Embroidery needles - these come in various sizes - I use a crewel embroidery needle for all my embroidery sewing stitches.

Embroidery hoop - these come in various sizes - I suggest beginning with a 6 inch size hoop. I prefer to use the wood hoops, they are inexpensive and I can paint them or leave them natural when finishing piece in hoop.


Hot glue gun and glue - when finishing your piece in the hoop, you will need to secure the hoop together and the fabric to the hoop


Miscellaneous bits and pieces - one of my favorite parts of this project is incorporating items collected from my everyday routine - scraps from other projects, junk mail, candy wrappers, string, yarn, mementos …

Sewing machine - optional - all the stitching techniques are done by hand sewing, although I do occasionally use a sewing machine.

Gesso - white acrylic gesso and/or other acrylic paint

Paint brush - only needed if you are using gesso or other acrylic paint

Stretcher bars - the piece I demonstrate in this workshop is finished on stretcher bars. If you use a 6 inch embroidery hoop you will need to make sure your base fabric is 12 x 12 inches square in order to fit over 8 inch stretcher bars. You could order these online or find them at a local Michaels art and craft supply store.

Staple gun with staples - used to stretch fabric on stretcher bars

Hanging supplies - eye hooks or D-rings and picture wire - only necessary if you are finishing on stretcher bars

Wire cutters